Dr. Sofia Laurden-Davis Adams Releases Compelling Memoir: “The River of Life”

 Dr. Sofia Laurden-Davis Adams, an author with a profound story to tell, invites readers to join her on a transformative journey through her remarkable life in her newly released memoir, “The River of Life.” With a narrative that is both candid and uplifting, Dr. Adams takes us on an engaging expedition of personal growth, resilience, and the enduring quest to understand the complex nature of love.

In her book, Dr. Adams candidly reflects on the ebbs and flows of her life, showcasing her remarkable ability to turn challenges into opportunities for growth and strength. From her earliest memories as a young child to her experiences in her 60s, she explores how hardship, adversity, and life’s unpredictable twists and turns became the tools that forged her into the resilient individual she is today.

“The River of Life” is a transparent reflection of the human spirit’s capacity to not only endure but also thrive in the face of adversity. Dr. Adams eloquently illustrates that it is not merely the destination but the journey itself that defines our character and imparts invaluable life lessons.

This memoir is an ode to the belief that the trials we encounter should be treasured as opportunities for personal development. Dr. Adams draws from her own experiences, demonstrating how these challenges have played a pivotal role in her pursuit of a higher standard of living and the cultivation of her firm determination.

A significant turning point in Dr. Adams’ life was her realization that love is the linchpin of her existence. She delves into the complexities of love, exploring its multifaceted dimensions. Through her journey, she grapples with the notion of “Love One Another,” ultimately discovering its profound meaning. Her personal evolution in understanding love is compelling and heartfelt.

Perhaps the most touching revelation in Dr. Adams’ memoir is her commitment to her two children, who have become the center of her world. After a period of neglect driven by the demands of life, she recognized the paramount importance of providing them with her unconditional love and guidance. 

Her dedication to ensuring their well-being, safety, patience, trust, and faithfulness epitomizes her profound understanding of love and her role as a mother.

“The River of Life” is an inspiring memoir. It showcases the triumph of the human spirit. Dr. Sofia Laurden-Davis Adams’ inspiring story is written for people from all walks of life. It offers a glimpse into the power of perseverance, personal transformation, and the enduring quest to comprehend the most profound aspects of love.

For more information about the book or to connect with Dr. Sofia Laurden-Davis Adams, please visit www.authordrsofiaadams.com

About Author

Dr. Sofia Laurden-Davis Adams is a distinguished author of nine books with a wealth of academic and literary achievements. In 2014, she earned her Ph.D., specializing in the Management of Nonprofit Agencies and Leadership in Human Services. Her academic journey culminated in the publication of her dissertation, “Nepotistic Ideology in Nonprofit and For-profit Family-owned and operated organizations,” which was transformed into a manuscript and published by Scholars’ Press in seven different world languages.

For Media Inquiries:

Dr. Sofia Laurden-Davis Adams 


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Trixie: A Feral’s Journey by G.H. Cline Brings A Mesmerizing Tale of Feline Resilience, Unlikely Bonds, And Learning To Trust Intuition

G.H. Cline, famous for his literary diversity, debuts Trixie: A Feral’s Journey. This is a tale of a kitten forced on a journey to discover resilience, survival, connections, and the secrets of intuition. Trixie’s journey reveals something important – she learns that there are caring strangers among humans. 


From a weathered and forgotten alley, under the rusty shelter of an abandoned pickup truck, an extraordinary tale is skillfully created. Readers are introduced to a cast of characters, both animal and human, each playing a crucial role in the protagonist’s voyage. The mysterious fuzzy-eyed raccoon serves as a most unlikely mentor, imparting lessons to little Trixie about trust and survival that will impact the rest of her life.  

As the narrative progresses, the feline protagonist, initially cautious and haunted by a sense of feral vulnerability, spiritually evolves. The writing captures the nuances of Trixie’s emotions; from the growling hunger in the early stages to the eventual comfort and security found under the living room leather couch, in her ‘forever home’ – 

G.H. Cline’s masterful storytelling extends beyond the literal with themes of self-discovery and understanding resilience echoing throughout. Trixie’s interactions with the environment and her new human family portray an enchanting tale.

In Trixie: A Feral’s Journey, G.H. Cline invites readers into a world where the feral and the human intersect, blurring the lines between instinct and emotion. The narrative, while centered around a feline protagonist, echoes with universal themes of finding a home, overcoming fear, and accepting the unexpected.

For media inquiries, please contact:

G.H. Cline 

Contact Email: ghcline1@gmail.com

About the Author:

G.H. Cline is a versatile artist known for his musical contributions to Hollywood’s ‘Garage Rock’ scene in the ’60s. After serving in Vietnam, he returned to music and delved into poetry. While running his Custom Home Construction Company, he authored acclaimed works of poetry like ‘Consider The Source (2006), ‘Treading Eclectic Waters’ (2007), and his combat Vietnam Short Story, ‘If I Die Before I Wake’ (2012). Having retired from construction, Cline’s focus is on his creativity, marked by this debut commercially published short story, “Trixie: A Feral’s Journey,” showcasing resilience in a changing world. 

G.H. Cline resides in Los Angeles, CA, continuing his artistic pursuits.

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Brenda O’berry’s Newly Released “Where God Inhabits: A People Within a People”

Excitement is building for the release of Brenda O’Berry’s latest book, Where God Inhabits: A People Within a People,” which is poised to transform perceptions of spirituality, community, and divine intervention. Following the success of her first book, “A Touch of Heaven: An Ultimate Gift,” O’Berry’s new work is set to deepen readers’ understanding of the Kingdom of God and inspire them towards a more profound spiritual journey.

In this compelling read, Brenda O’Berry explores an innovative vision of Christianity, where the full spectrum of spiritual gifts and the five-fold ministry come together in harmony to create a vibrant, fully functioning community of believers. Set against the backdrop of southeastern Georgia, USA, O’Berry weaves a narrative enriched with supernatural experiences, including encounters with angels, demons, and UFOs, reflecting contemporary concerns and curiosities.

Brenda O’Berry, a Woodbine, GA resident, has quickly emerged as a distinctive voice in spiritual literature. Her ability to intertwine real-life phenomena with biblical truth sets her apart in a genre often known for its traditional perspectives. O’Berry’s writings beckon readers to explore beyond the boundaries of conventional Christianity and embrace the possibilities that faith and community hold.

Her background in leading a local Creative Writing group and contributing to the local newspaper when inspired has honed her skill in capturing the essence of spiritual exploration, making her stories not just narratives but journeys of faith.

Where God Inhabits: A People Within a People” dares to ask crucial questions about the functioning of the Church in today’s world and offers a glimpse into a community where divine possibilities reign supreme. In her uniquely abstract but insightful style, O’Berry invites readers to discover how the observance, appreciation, and application of spiritual gifts and ministries can transform individual lives and communities as a whole.

This book is an essential read for anyone seeking to deepen their knowledge of the Kingdom of God, understand the role of spiritual gifts and ministries, and engage with a community of believers eager for a transformative spiritual experience.

Key Features of the Book:

  • Spiritual Training and Preparation
  • The Kingdom of God and its implications for today
  • The Function and Importance of the Holy Spirit
  • The Critical Role of Community among Believers
  • Insights into the Church’s mission in the modern world
  • The Significance of Evangelism and being a light in the world

Where God Inhabits: A People Within a People” will be available soon on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at all other notable bookstores, ensuring that readers everywhere can easily access this groundbreaking work. Readers can pre-order their copies today to ensure they are part of the first wave to dive into this enriching read.

The release date is fast approaching. Stay tuned for further announcements and ensure you are part of the first to explore this transformative narrative.

For more information, to request a review copy, or to schedule an interview with Brenda O’Berry.

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Discovering the Unseen: G.H. Cline Introduces’ Trixie: A Feral’s Journey,’ a Heartfelt Adventure of Resilience, Courage, and Spiritual Growth

The book Trixie: A Feral’s Journey, written by G.H. Cline, transports readers on an enchanting odyssey filled with diverse creatures, mystery, and self-discovery. This literary exploration looks into the complexities of life’s unpredictability, offering a unique perspective on adaptation and growth.


G.H. Cline, known for his musical and poetic abilities, pens raw emotions from fear and curiosity to love and compassion. The narrative follows a young kitten born into a loving rural feral family under an abandoned pickup truck, where she is too soon pushed out and forced to learn to trust unlikely creatures and face moments that trigger reflections on one’s own path.

The author’s meticulous descriptions evoke a sense of familiarity, prompting readers to draw parallels between Trixie’s experiences and their own encounters with change. G.H. Cline captures the essence of uncertainty, echoing the sentiment that contributes to personal empowerment and spiritual growth. 

Trixie: A Feral’s Journey is now available online, inviting readers to engage themselves in this thought-provoking narrative. Cline’s ability to blend real-life experiences with a touch of fantasy ensures that the book resonates with a diverse audience.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Contact Email: ghcline1@gmail.com

About the Author

G. H. Cline, a multifaceted creative force, transitioned from rock ‘n’ roll on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip to combat in Vietnam, later opting for poetry and storytelling. Retired from construction, Cline dedicates his time to creativity, and Trixie: A Feral’s Journey is his first commercially published short story.

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New Book ‘Nailed It’ Explores Biblical Wisdom Through Metaphysical Lens, Offers Spiritual Growth and Transformat

Mychael T. Renn’s highly anticipated book, “Nailed It: (A metaphysical translation of Bible parables)” which was launched on March 26, 2024, has garnered significant acclaim for its unique blend of memoir and insightful interpretations of biblical wisdom. Readers and reviewers alike are praising the book’s ability to offer a transformative exploration of ancient wisdom in a compelling contemporary context.

“Nailed It” probes into Renn’s personal journey of recovery, self-discovery, and fatherhood. By weaving his family’s experiences with timeless biblical narratives, Renn offers readers a powerful and insightful exploration. Each chapter explores the deeper meanings behind these enduring stories, from the creation myth to the Book of Revelation, revealing their surprising relevance to the complexities of modern life.

The response to “Nailed It” has been overwhelmingly positive,” says Renn. “Readers are connecting with the message of hope and resilience that lies at the heart of the book. My story serves as a testament to the human spirit’s ability to overcome adversity, and I’m humbled to know it’s resonating with so many.”

Through heartfelt dialogues with his daughters, Renn breathes new life into these ancient narratives. He demonstrates how these timeless stories can inspire profound personal growth and a deeper understanding of human nature.

The book is available for purchase in major leading bookstores, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Booktopia, Everand, and more. 

Link: Mychael T. Renn – Amazon

For more information or to order your copy, contact: 

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A Secret Multibillion-Dollar Industry is Empowering Russia and China in American Courts

 Lawfare is fast becoming the biggest threat to American national security. Having wreaked havoc in Europe, undermined the sovereignty of developing nations, and nearly disenfranchised plaintiffs in one of the biggest corporate scandals in the UK, it’s now being abused by China to steal commercial secrets and weaponized by Russia to supercharge the war in Ukraine.

 Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is its largest military mobilization since 2014, but the most sophisticated weapons in Russia’s arsenal operate far from the conflict zone, amongst armies of lawyers tasked with rolling back Western sanctions.

 Putin’s oligarchs are now battling sanctions in the courts – and winning. The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) recently removed two from the sanctions list. One of them is seeking damages from Luxembourg on $15.8bn in assets.

 Western courts have become a venue for foreign political interference, with the UK legal community concluding that Russia “probably owned” the litigation funder, A1, behind a recent $1.3bn case and stalling the collection of over $1bn in penalties, including Putin-linked properties in London. The same firm has financed lawsuits around the world including in New York and London to help Russian companies and banks evade Western sanctions.

The battle to fund the law

 At the root of the problem is the murky realm of third-party litigation funding (TPLF), which is fast turning courthouses into auction houses for the highest bidder. “With no reporting requirements and few regulations, deep-pocketed investors can pour millions of dollars into a case without ever appearing on a court docket” Bloomberg Law observed.

 TPLF is intended as a way for claimants to get justice in David vs Goliath scenarios, but the lack of transparency has allowed TPLF to be abused and exploited as a secretive investment vehicle to win fortunes, steal commercial secrets, and even, potentially, win wars.

 The most powerful example is UK-based global litigation funder Therium’s support for Alan Bates and other postmasters against the Post Office amid the Horizon IT scandal. Despite their success, before the UK government stepped in to guarantee full compensation, claimants only received 20% of the total compensation awarded to them in court, with the rest going to lawyers and funders. In some extreme cases, litigation funders like Burford have charged as much as 100%, while the fees commanded by firms such as Pogust Goodhead reached an eye-watering $450m.

Geopolitical risks

 With no requirements for transparency, enormous sums of money can influence the legal landscape across the West before anyone realizes what happened. The shady bankrolling of lawsuits by Russian oligarchs with close ties to Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin has revealed how easily TPLF can be exploited for profits and geopolitical gain.

 China has begun exploiting a new and rushed European law passed last year called the Product Liability Directive (PLD), enabling them to systematically steal the West’s tech secrets. This undermines the integrity of security infrastructure across the Western world while causing a commercial headache that puts Western companies at a strategic disadvantage.

The Sulu Case

 A bitter dispute between the Malaysian government and alleged heirs of the lapsed Sultanate of Sulu, a disparate clan based in the neighboring Philippines, has tensions rising as China attempts to consolidate its control over the South China Sea.

 The Philippine plaintiffs have attracted as much as $20 million in litigation funding support from Therium to capitalize on Malaysia’s alleged breach of an 1878 colonial treaty that gave them rights to what is now known as Sabah.

 The Spanish arbitrator in the case, Gonzalo Stampa, originally sided with the claimants, awarding them $15bn derived from the oil and gas resources in Malaysia’s Sabah region. This was followed by attempts to enforce the award across multiple jurisdictions in Paris, Luxembourg, and The Hague by seizing assets belonging to Petronas, a Malaysian state-owned energy company founded 85 years after the 1878 treaty.

The Sultanate of Sulu never had full control of the Sabah region leading several European Members of Parliament to question why European courts assume they have the jurisdiction to decide a regional dispute.

Profit and power

 Underscoring the lack of transparency around the case, Stampa himself has been convicted on the criminal charge of contempt for disobeying the Madrid court’s annulment of his appointment by moving the seat of arbitration to Paris to issue the award. Therium refused to answer questions regarding Stampa’s extraordinarily high arbitration fee.

 This practice of ‘forum shopping’ – where claimants skip unfavorable verdicts by moving the case to different jurisdictions until it pays off with the desired ruling – is now being used by Russian oligarchs to evade sanctions.

 A Petronas subsidiary has filed a new application in a federal court in Manhattan alleging that Therium and its lawyers acted with “willful negligence” by ignoring the annulment of Stampa’s authority and inducing him to criminally disobey the Madrid court by relocating the arbitration to Paris.

 According to former NATO analyst Maurizio Geri, the claimant’s barrister is president of the Silicon Valley Arbitration Center and works closely with US tech firms competing with China over strategic subsea internet cable routes in the South China Sea.

 These cables carry over 99% of all international internet traffic in the region and raise the question of whether the Therium-funded case is part of a larger geopolitical ploy by Silicon Valley; risking increased tensions between the Philippines and Malaysia and undermining their united front against Chinese encroachment.

National security at stake

 Conflicts such as those between Armenia-Azerbaijan over the Lachin Corridor and the territories of Nagorno-Karabakh and Iraq-Turkey over Iraqi oil exports have escalated due to international arbitration.

 According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), while TPLF provides important benefits for poorer plaintiffs, its very structure “risks skewing litigation incentives by encouraging maximum financial return over fair reparation for plaintiffs”.

 The US Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Legal Reform warns that a large volume of “foreign-sourced money” appears to be pouring into US courts via TPLF. “A foreign actor could control the litigation, influence strategy, and encourage and exploit commercial disputes involving US companies to advance their own national interests—in defense, technology, and other highly sensitive industries”, it notes.


 Unregulated TPLF has opened the door for unidentifiable financial interests to hammer down national sovereignty. For countries in the developing world like Malaysia, it is resurrecting old colonial-era disputes to grab foreign oil and gas resources. For the US and Europe, it is allowing rival powers like Russia and China to use our laws against us, making a mockery of sanctions and undermining intellectual property laws.

 American states like West Virginia and Indiana have enacted groundbreaking legislation to promote greater transparency, offering greater protections to litigants and consumers. A new US bipartisan bill, The Protecting Our Courts from Foreign Manipulation Act, proposes funding transparency and would bar foreign governments and sovereign wealth funds from investing in US litigation.

 The recently adopted European Parliament directive that regulates third-party funding in courts is an important first step, but must be strengthened to disqualify funders excessively controlling cases based on profitability rather than justice.

 The UK has also introduced a ban on providing legal services to oligarchs. Other potential interventions, such as ones that place protections against litigation funders collecting enormous payoffs, should be welcomed.

 Such measures are just the beginning of a long road to reversing the fragility of our courts and strengthening the systems of accountability that uphold them — this is a bipartisan issue.

 Access to justice remains a critical imperative and an exemplary feature of the American and European legal systems distinct from the free world. This is all the more reason to ensure that they cannot be exploited by the enemies of the free world.

Dr Yetunde Odugbesan-Omede is a former US State Department Fulbright Specialist Scholar. She is Director of the Office of Community and Civic Engagement and Professor of Global Affairs and Politics at Farmingdale State College (FSC). Previously she served at the United Nations Population Fund, and was a New Leaders Council Fellow, Rutgers Emerging Leaders Scholar, Ronald E. McNair Scholar, Minority Academic Careers Fellow, Eagleton Institute of Politics Fellow and graduate of the United Nations Worldview Institute.

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From Post-War Struggles to Haunting Encounters: “Tales from Beyond the Aether: Vol 1” Offers Glimpses into Canada’s Complex History

Shane Halfyard, a new voice in historical fiction, author of “Tales from Beyond the Aether: Volume One” is gaining popularity among readers. 

His collection of stories Tales from Beyond the Aether, available on Amazon, weaves captivating human experiences against the rich tapestry of Canadian history. Halfyard’s work entices readers with its deep exploration of the human spirit’s resilience and complexity.

His story encompasses four distinct narratives, completely emersed in historical context and emotional depth. From the post-war camaraderie and struggles of Sean Harding in “The Weekend (July 1956)” to the chilling narrative of Father Mills in the spring of 1977, Halfyard uniquely captures moments where ordinary lives are thrust into extraordinary circumstances. 

Each story offers a profound glimpse into Canada’s past, inviting readers to ponder the intricacies of fate, family, and the fight for survival. Halfyard, drawing from his upbringing in Fredericton and the challenges of navigating life with Myopia and Nystagmus, brings authenticity and a deeply personal touch to his tales. 

His journey from an avid reader to a storyteller is reflected in the compelling narratives of “Tales from Beyond the Aether,” designed to resonate with anyone intrigued by Canada’s history and the enduring spirit of its people.

The volume one is available in different formats with varying pricing range. On Kindle, the ebook cost ($2.99), the paperback version is 12.99, and the readers can get the hardcover in $16.99). You can order yourself a copy from Amazon (https://a.co/d/4MZ6yfs)

The “Tales from Beyond the Aether: Vol 1” promises to be an essential addition to the libraries of historical fiction enthusiasts and a compelling read for those drawn to Canada’s rich past.

About Shane Halfyard:

Shane Halfyard is a Fredericton native, empowered by his own life’s challenges to create stories that speak to the resilience and complexities of the human spirit. With over thirty years of writing under his belt, Shane’s debut marks a significant milestone in his creative journey, one fueled by a passion for storytelling and a dedication to bringing untold narratives to light.

For further information or to schedule author interview, contact:

  • Shane Halfyard

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Trixie: A Feral’s Journey by G.H. Cline – Available Now


G.H. Cline debuts Trixie: A Feral’s Journey, based on a true story, is a tale of feline resilience, trust, and the relationship between humans and their four-legged companions.

As readers engage in Cline’s storytelling expertise, they discover the intricacies of this enchanting story –witnessing a mesmerizing exploration of life through the eyes of a feline protagonist. Cline creates an enthralling blend of the delicate fabric of emotions and spirituality, traversing the challenges of rural innocence, born under an abandoned pickup truck, forming unlikely bonds with diverse creatures to eventually unearth a profound essence of self.

The tale unfolds with precise attention to detail, immersing readers in a rustic environment where Trixie is too soon pushed out into a harsh world of uncertainty. In the story, the readers meet a cast of characters, both animal and human, each contributing to the protagonist’s expedition of self-discovery.

“Fuzzy-eyes,” a mysterious mentor, imparts invaluable lessons and introduces layers of compassion and shelter. Trixie’s evolution from feral vulnerability to understanding intuition, to the human hand and a Rescue Adoption Shelter eventually ends with a loving human family where Trixie finds comfort and sanctuary under the living room leather couch – another metaphor representing the delicate balance between instinct and reality.

Much more than a frivolous tale, Trixie: A Feral’s Journey explores universal themes of resilience and adaptation. G.H. Cline brings a unique blend of artistry to this venture of fiction. The book is now available online for purchase.

For media inquiries, please contact:

G.H. Cline

Contact Email: ghcline1@gmail.com

About the Author

G.H. Cline, an experienced creative force, has fascinated audiences since his early days in the L.A. music scene through his books of poetry and Vietnam combat chronicles. A Feral’s Journey marks a transition into fiction, showcasing Cline’s ability to craft narratives that are enchanting, intriguing, and thought-provoking.

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“The Alchemy of Vision” by Mychael T. Renn: A Groundbreaking Journey Through the Minds of Visionary Thinkers

Mychael T. Renn’s latest book, The Alchemy of Vision: Exploring The Depths of Heaven and Hell Through William Blake and Neville Goddard, takes readers on an extraordinary adventure into the genius of two of history’s most profound thinkers. 

This insightful work bridges the poetic brilliance of William Blake with the mystic wisdom of Neville Goddard, inviting readers to explore new dimensions of imagination, spirituality, and human consciousness.

The Alchemy of Vision expertly intertwines Blake’s visionary art and poetry with Goddard’s teachings on imagination and conscious creation. Renn’s book goes beyond academic analysis, providing an insightful invitation to unlock the depths of human potential through the perspectives of these two remarkable figures.

Renn examines the radical contrasts in Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, highlighting the interplay of good and evil, reason and energy, which challenges conventional perspectives on spirituality. 

Concurrently, he examines Goddard’s principles, emphasizing the transformative power of imagination and the profound impact of believing that our inner states shape our external realities.

“This book seamlessly blends visionary insights from two extraordinary minds,” says Mychael T. Renn. “By merging Blake’s rich symbolism with Goddard’s practical teachings, I aim to guide readers on a path of self-discovery and spiritual growth.”

Key themes in The Alchemy of Vision include:

  • Illuminating the profound symbolism in Blake’s work through Goddard’s teachings.
  • Applying Goddard’s principles of imagination and conscious creation to everyday life.
  • Exploring the harmony between reason and imagination as a pathway to personal and spiritual transformation.
  • Revealing the mysteries and paradoxes that challenge conventional wisdom.

The Alchemy of Vision is essential reading for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the human spirit, the power of imagination, and the boundless potential within each individual. The book is available for purchase online.

For further information, inquiries, or interviews, please contact:

Contact Person: Mychael T. Renn

Contact Email: rennwritesmarketplace@gmail.com

About the Author

Mychael T. Renn’s journey spans diverse fields, from law enforcement to the arts, and deep explorations of consciousness. Beginning as a patrol officer in 2001, his experiences in law enforcement provided a unique lens to study human behavior and society. Transitioning to a union welder for over 15 years, Renn melded practical skills with deeper philosophical insights. 

His transformative experiences with psychedelics further expanded his understanding of consciousness. “The Alchemy of Vision” harmonizes these varied experiences, offering a unified exploration of both heaven and hell’s depths, reflecting Renn’s evolving philosophy and introspective journey.

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